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Smoked King Salmon

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This Traditional Smoked King Salmon is fully cooked and hot smoked. Once thawed, it is ready to serve and your work is done to impress your family or guests.  Perfect for any special occasion or event – makes a perfect holiday gift appetizer .  Serve with crackers, dried fruit, cream cheese and a glass of your favorite white wine or beer, you’ll be the hit of the gathering. 

 Moist and tender, with a light smoke that doesn’t overpower the natural flavors of the salmon, our Traditional Smoked King Salmon is as good as it gets.

 Many years ago, Native Americans along the Pacific Northwest used a traditional method of smoking salmon called “hot smoke.”  This hot smoking process preserves the salmon for extended periods of times while providing a robust and sumptuous flavor.  Each batch of smoked salmon is brined with a little salt and brown sugar and slowly smoked for up to 18 hours using a unique blend of hardwoods.  This extended smoking process provides a rich smoked flavor and color you will savor with every bite.

 2 lbs; 3-4 6-8oz portions

Ingredients: wild-caught king salmon, brown sugar, cane sugar, sea salt, alder wood smoke.